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Highlighted are the main features of each newsletter.


102 December/January  
101 November  
100 October  
99 September The Local Rag
Bellevue Boarding House
98 August Hedley Hungerford, an Exemplum of the Model Citizen
The Dental Chair and Equipment
97 July Another Interesting Tool – Sankey Aspin 51 Saw
The Munificent Audrey Ivy Stewart
96 June Another old unusual tool- Hollow-Auger
The Hartmann Virtuosi
95 May The Cedar Seeking Jarretts
A Timeline of the Early Development of the Fire Brigade & Station in Mullumbimby
And meanwhile could be heard the cry from the bush…
94 April Pandemics and Déjà Vu All Over Again
A Mystery Artefact – Articulator
93 March Torrens Invasion
92 February Congratulations to Robyn Gray OAM
Robert Morrison Crabbe


91 December/January AGM President’s Report
The Well-Pedigreed Thompsons
Our Oral History Project continues through 2019
90 November Celebrating the re-opening of the refurbished shed & 30 years of the Mullumbimby Community Market
Frederick Dougan Nixon, a well-pedigreed Brunswick Settler
89 October The Entrepreneurial John Eldeit Glasgow
88 September More Aliens on The Brunswick
87 August Interesting Acquisition Item –A blast from the Past? Where has it been hiding?
Aliens in White Mullumbimby – Part One
Gordon Wraight  1922 – 2019
86 July The Sectarian Stairway to Heaven
85 June A Strange Will, A Singular Will, A Curious Will, A Peculiar Will, An Interesting Will, Remarkable Will…
84 May The Remarkable James Family – The Second Generation
Northern Rivers Historical Societies Zone Conference Report
83 April The Remarkable James Family
82 March John McGregor, Laird of Glenlyon
81 February Joseph Bede Kelly – Squire of Tyagarah


80 December/January AGM, President’s Report, Year in Review
Joseph Yates – Builder of the Brunswick
79 November The Gaggin Legacy
78 October Remembering Maria Haines
77 September Early Day Reminiscences. Brunswick Pioneers and Memories. Mr Alex Brown Corrects Some Misconceptions
76 August Resurrecting Robert Marshall
75 July Ruth Fox.  We will miss you
The Way It Was
74 June More Labels on Landmarks
73 May Time & Tides – Brunswick Valley Speaks
Labelling Landmarks
72 April First People of the Brunswick
71 March Meeting of The Far North Coast Chapter of Museums Australia
The Big Scrub
70 February Reclamation of Recreation Reserves


69 December/January Review of 2017
Railway  to the Rescue
68 November Delivery the Mail – John Thompson
The Meaning in Mullumbimby – Chapter Eleventy Seven
Minor Mishaps
67 October First People of The Brunswick
66 September The Hassles of Harvesting Cedar
Common Ailments and Home Remedies – Part 3
65 August President’s Report
More Unreliable Memories
Common Ailments & Home Remedies – Part 2
64 July Unreliable Memories of the Brunswick
Common Ailments & Home Remedies
63 June Playing Happy Families
Untimely Arrivals
62 May Nubhoygum and Mullimbimbie Districts
New Acquisition – Sculpture by Kevin Brereton from the Mullumbimby Cenotaph
61 April Life memberships awards
More Brunswick Visitors
60 March Doing Business at Brunswick
Early transport
59 February Australia Day Celebrations
Mullumbimby as I knew it from 1942-1953 by Kerry Neilson
Down and Out at Brunswick Heads


58 December/January How the Matthew Devine Bridge at Brunswick Heads Got Its Name
57 November The Elusive George Simpson and the Mystery of the Brunswick River Pilotage

Southern Cross Credit Union celebrating 50 years -A chronological expose with references from The Mullumbimby Star

56 October Correction to Whitefella story from September Issue
55 September The First Whitefellas on the Brunswick – Peter Tsicalas, More Local Names
54 August President’s Report,  Local Names
53 July Various
52 June Traveller’s Tales – Brunswick River and Byron Bay – Australian Town and Country Journal 1886
51 May Traveller’s Tales – Sugar Landsiii Tweed River District, iv Brunswick River District – Sydney Morning Herald 1884
50 April Traveller’s Tales – From Brisbane to the Clarence Overland – Brisbane Courier 1880
49 March Travellers’ Tales – Premier Robertson’s Visit to the Tweed Part 2 – SMH 1869
48 February Travellers’ Tales – Premier Robertson’s Visit to the Tweed – SMH 1869


 47  December/January  Mullum Curiosities – Peter Tsicalas 
46 November Bird’s Eye View, The Harbour Scheme  – Photographs
45 October The Evolving Face of Brunswick Heads – Photographs
44 September Byron Bay Ascendant –- Peter Tsicalas
43 August The Rise of Oliver and the Puritans – Peter Tsicalas
42 July Under Administration – Peter Tsicalas
41 June Widening of the North-South Divide – Peter Tsicalas The Story of Richard Reading – Ian Fox
40 May The North-South Divide– Peter Tsicalas
39 April Unification – Peter Tsicalas
38 March The Shifting Paradigm – Peter Tsicalas
37 February Tolerance Thrives In The Hills – Carole DunnThe Golden Years  – Peter Tsicalas   Mullum – Peter Tsicalas



36 December/January A Parallel Universe- Peter Tsicalas
35 November Cultural Contamination- Peter Tsicalas
34 October Faith of Our Fathers – Peter Tsicalas
33 September Laying Waste The Brunswick – Part 2 – Peter Tsicalas
32 August Electricity Addiction – Peter Tsicalas
31 July Laying Waste The Brunswick – Part 1 – Peter Tsicalas
30 June You Don’t Know What You’ve Got Until It’s Gone – Peter Tsicalas
29 May Tribute to Dr Surendranath Rananaware- Hon Amanda Fazio Advance the Brunswick Fair– Peter Tsicalas
28 April The Uglification of Mullumbimby– Peter Tsicalas
27 March Birth of the Public Library – Peter Tsicalas
26 February Death of the School of Arts– Peter Tsicalas



25 December/January Comedy Relief – Peter Tsicalas
24 November Brunswick’s Wakely Legacy- Peter TsicalasPoem “Mullum” – Jack Moses
23 October Anzac Revival – Peter Tsicalas
22 September Passing Depression- Peter Tsicalas
21 August Depression Deliverances – Peter Tsicalas
20 July Depression Hangover – Peter Tsicalas
19 June Council’s Cash – Lesson 2 – Peter Tsicalas
18 May Depression Relief – Peter Tsicalas
17 April Auld Lang Syne – Peter Tsicalas
16 March Depression Defaults – Peter Tsicalas
15 February Political Fallout – Peter Tsicalas




14 December/January Claytons Depression –Peter Tsicalas
13 November What Depression? – Peter Tsicalas
12 October The Comedy of Co-operation – Peter Tsicalas
11 September King Banana – Peter Tsicalas
10 August Butter Bliss – Peter Tsicalas
  July No newsletter
9 June Lest We Forget – Lesson 2 – Peter Tsicalas
8 May Condons & Co-operation – Peter Tsicalas
7 April Dairy Delights – Peter Tsicalas
6 March  
5 February Climate Change – Peter Tsicalas



4 December Snake Tales – Mullumbimby Star
3 November The Meaning in Molebunbie – Peter Tsicalas Simpson’s Town Revisited – Peter Tsicalas
2 October Passing of a Pioneer –Mullumbimby Star
1 September Mullumbimby School of Arts 1891-1907 – Mullumbimby Star