Back to the Garden – A history of the ‘Alternate Settlers’ in the region and the influence they have had on our culture.  Come and add your story to the collection.

Picture Theatres – Mullumbimby boasted two picture theatres – The School of Arts and The Empire.  Unfortunately neither building is still standing.

The Railway from Nowhere to Nowhere – Where was the railway built and why?

Primemovers of Yesteryear – An  exhibition on Bullock Teams, the many ways they were used in the Brunswick Valley and the Local Bullockies who worked them.

Snake Tales – This exhibition aims to be both interesting and educational. It explores the Snakes of the Brunswick Valley and the history of the interaction with local inhabitants.

Machinery Shed – Some Pictures of the displays in our Machinery Shed.

Chocolate Wheel Dunny – Called the ‘Chocolate-Wheel Dunny’ by generations of kids, over 60,000 were sold in Australia and in the South Pacific, Asia and South Africa between 1920 and 1975 when production ended.