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Bullock Teams and Local Bullockies

Bullock Teams
Olaf Ruhen, remarked on how bullock teams “shaped and built the colony. They carved the roads and built the rail; their tractive power made populating the interior possible; their contributions to the harvesting of timber opened the bush; they offered a start in life to the enterprising youngster”.

Our display illustrates the many ways bullock teams were used in the Brunswick Valley in the timber industry as well as moving steam engines and buildings, rescuing ships and cars etc. Bullock teams not only created roads but also destroyed them.
Information is also provided on the team’s composition, equipment used and comparisons to other means of transport.
Reference: Ruhen, Olaf Bullock Teams: the building of a nation, North Ryde, NSW, Cassell Australia, 1980

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These are some bullockies – What did they do?

Alfred Buckland
Buckley & Clerk
Matthew Richard Chisler
William Edward (Will) Cooper
James Fisher
George Patrick Johnson
John Thomas Johnson
Charles Horwood King
William Grant Law
Roy Maxwell
James Mills

Bernard Morrish
Henry O’Meara
Henry Arthur O’Neill
John Vincent O’Neill
Timothy Brian O’Neill
Walter Robert Reddacliff
William John Reilly
Albert Edward Stranger Robinson
Richard Leslie Robinson
Oscar Robinson
William Stanley Robinson

Thomas Rose
Herman Otto Schrader
Patrick Smith
Robert Smith
Allan Thomas Watterson
George Wallace
Michael Joseph Whelan
Stanley G. Woodrow
Daniel Withers

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