Snake Tales

Love them, Loathe them or simply Leave them – Snakes have always been an integral part of the Brunswick Valley environment


Andy Stapleton

This exhibition aims to be both interesting and educational. It explores the Snakes of the Brunswick Valley and the history of their interaction with local inhabitants.

There was a thriving trade in live snakes and numerous snake-bite antidote makers in the area.

Morrissey’s Antidote

Especially featured is the ‘Morrissey Snake-Bite Antidote’ accompanied by a rich collection of tales of this well-known, colourful, local identity as well as an 1894 Strychnine Snake-Bite kit that was used by an early local timber worker.

Up-to-date treatment for Snake-Bites is also featured.

Well worth a visit even if you just want to get to know your local snakes.


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