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Ocean Shores: Foundation Events
compiled by BVHS Members & Nortec Work Experience Participants
pub 2015 38pp
Covers the formation of Ocean Shores up to 1988.
Brunswick Heads In Focus 1885-2015
compiled by BVHS Members & Nortec Work Experience Participants
pub 2015 80pp
A pictorial record of the evolving face of Brunswick Heads from 1885 to 2015
Mullumbimby Now & Then 1885-2015
compiled by BVHS Members & Nortec Work Experience Participants
pub 2015 90pp
A pictorial record of Mullumbimby from 1885 to 2015
Mullumbimby: In Transition 1968-1988
by Peter Tsicalas
pub. 2015 258pp
Mullumbimby Municipality merges with Byron Shire, influx of the ‘Alternate Settlers’, The Hydro Electric Scheme is taken over and mothballed.
Mullumbimby: Growth and Grief 1948-1968
by Peter Tsicalas
pub 2014, reprinted 2015 252pp
Growth followed the Second World War but then the slow death of the banana, timber and dairying industries left Mullumbimby struggling.
Mullumbimby: Gloom and Bloom 1928-1948
by Peter Tsicalas
pub 2013 reprinted 2014, 2014. 246pp
How the area coped through the depression, the Second World War and after.
Mullumbimby: Boom and Bust 1908-1928
by Peter Tsicalas
pub.2012 reprinted 2014, 2015 243pp
Covers the beginning of Mullumbimby Municipality, development of the Hydro-Electric Scheme, the First World War and the beginning of the Depression.
Mullumbimby: Foundation Events 1848-1908
by Peter Tsicalas
pub 2011 reprinted 2012, 2013, 2014  182pp.
The development of Mullumbimby and Brunswick Heads from cedar getters to the formation of Byron Shire and The Municipality of Mullumbimby.
The Mullumbimby Sawmill
compiled by Nicholson Hollingworth
pub 2012 90pp.
The story of the mill that Glasgow Bros of Byron Bay moved to Mullumbimby in 1897, purchased by Hollingworth & Mallett in 1902 and remained in the Hollingworth family until its closure in 1964.
What They Did, Families of the Brunswick 1880-1950
by Neta MacKinnon.
pub 1998 reprinted 2011, 252pp.
Contains family histories and photographs of many of the pioneering families of the Brunswick Valley.
The Brunswick, Another River and its People
by Jim Brokenshire
pub. 1988,reprinted 1988, 1996, 260pp.
A broad sweep of the history of the Brunswick Valley covering the discovery of the river, the cedar getters, settlement of the valley & the development of the towns, supported by photographs and anecdotal accounts.
100 Years of Pictures and Recollections, Brunswick Heads NSW
by Robyn Gray.
pub 1997, 36 pp.
A heartfelt review of Brunswick Heads documenting its history, people, their occupations & distractions.
For King and Country
Compiled by Christopher Gray.
pub 2008 153pp.
Contains many letters sent home by local lads who fought in Europe & Africa during World War 1. The letters were published in the local paper, The Mullumbimby Star to encourage others to enlist.
Crossing the River at Brunswick Heads – From Sandbanks to Super Highway
by Robyn Gray.
pub 2007. 48 pp.
Documenting the ways the river was crossed from the earliest Europeans venturing into the area up to the construction of the Mathew Devine Bridge for the Pacific Highway.
Fetch the Nurse, and Call the Doctor, Quick by Neta MacKinnon.
pub1994, reprinted: 1999 & 2011. 56pp.
This publication documents a comprehensive coverage of the nurses, doctors, hospitals and ambulance service that operated in the Brunswick Valley from 1900 to 1994. It also features a listing of the illnesses, common ailments and their remedies prevalent during this period.
From Forest to Farm – The Story of the First 50 Years of European Settlement on the Brunswick
by Frank Mills.
2nd ed pub 2010, 39pp.
Outlines the way land use changed in the Brunswick River Valley from the local Aboriginal people up to the first 50 years of European settlement.
Chinese History in Australia – ‘Tracking the Local Dragon’ – Far North east of NSW.
By Frank Mills.
2nd ed 2010 51pp.
Early Chinese involvement in the banana industry and business enterprises of the Tweed and Brunswick valleys.
75 Years of the Brunswick Surf Club
pub 2010 157pp.
The first 2 chapters were publications written of the first 50 years and following 10 years and are reproduced as originally written. The third chapter, the next 15 years, completes the 75 year history of the club.
Mullumbimby The Garden of the North Coast
originally written in early 1910s.
Facsimile ed. 1995 16pp.
Containing 40 views around the Brunswick River Valley.
A Pearl of the Pacific, Brunswick Heads NSW.
Originally pub 1922, facsimile ed pub 1995 60pp.
A delightful little book promoting Brunswick Heads and surrounds as the perfect holiday haven.
Centenary of Rail – 1895-1994 by Audrey Hoving.
2nd ed 2007, 60pp.
A collection of stories & photographs from various contributors relating their connection to the railway whether for work or pleasure.
Mullumbimby Rural Co-operative Society Ltd. – The First 50 Years – 1955-2005
pub 2005 22pp
This booklet celebrates the co-operative’s 50 years giving a brief history of the development of the society and its building.
Are you Being Served
by Robyn Gray.
pub 1991, 1998 30pp.
A survey of Mullumbimby business 1881-1981 This document tells the story of the Mullumbimby Businessmen’s Association which was not a continuous organisation but waxed and waned as needs demanded.
The Missing Years – Life on the Brunswick at Times of War
by Robyn Gray.
Recollections and reports from newspapers from the Boer War, WW1, WW2, Korean War & the Vietnam War.
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